PROJECT3331 consists of a set of open source cryptographic libraries, tools, and devices developed with the aim of being secure against known attacks (side-channel and timing attacks, brute-force attacks, ...).

hash3343 a library providing secure implementations of hashing primitives
crypt3347 a library providing secure implementations of block and stream ciphers
rand3359 a library providing primitives with multiple methods for generating random numbers
passcheck3361 a library and tool for passwords strength checking and password generation primitives
passman3371 a secure passwords manager for *NIX environments with mitigations against bruteforce
passcrack3373 a parallel and optimized dictionary-based bruteforce hash cracker for *NIX environments
passvault3389 a secure offline hardware passwords storage device with hardware mitigations against many attacks
datacrypt3391 a secure files and directories encryption tool for *NIX environments with steganography using PPM and PNG images

Basics of cryptography

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